Producing LOONA Cost Nearly ₩10 Billion KRW, Here’s Where Most Of That Money Went

Despite their lean figures, these 12 members can eat!

On March 19, 2020, LOONA guested on MBC FM4U‘s radio program Ji Suk Jin’s 2 O’clock Date and confessed that the members love to eat.

When the DJ, Ji Suk Jin, brought up the fact that LOONA’s debut project cost approximately 9.9 billion won ($8.75 USD), Chuu added that most of the cost was probably spent on food.

Most of that was probably spent on food.

ㅡ Chuu

The DJ then asked whether the Loona members tended to eat a lot. Chuu explained exactly how much they could eat:

We can eat 1 chicken per person in addition to tteokbokki (stir-fried rice cake).

ㅡ Chuu

She added that the members once went to a Korean barbecue restaurant before their debut and ate a whopping 40 portions among the 12 members!

It’s truly amazing how they can keep their lean figures with such a big appetite!

At the time, LOONA took over the charts in the US with their EP [X X], selling over 2,000 copies in the US during the first week and becoming the highest debut on Billboard’s World Albums chart at #4.

LOONA Has Officially Taken Over The Charts In The US

LOONA have since made another comeback with [#] and won their first ever music show trophy.