Proof BTS’s Jimin Is Undeniably The King Of Flattering His Members

He flatters them in his own way.

When it comes to being the biggest suck-up or fawner of the group, BTS‘s Jimin is one of the best. He’s not afraid to have fun with his members in whatever content they’re filming.

In a 2019 interview with Radio Disney, BTS was asked, “Where do you get your style inspiration from?” It was here where Jimin pounced…with kindness!

After looking around at his members dressed in causal clothing, RM noticed that Jimin stood out the most. Though he only wore a plain white sweater and jeans, he also had on sunglasses indoors.

My inspiration? Jimin, sort of. Is the sunlight hot? So Jimin put on sunglasses today. I wonder what inspired him?

— RM

Without a second of hesitation, Jimin pulled out all the charms. The reason he was wearing glasses was apparently to protect himself from the gorgeous rays of his members.

Since our members are very shiny.

— Jimin

The others, especially RM, were highly amused but not surprised at his answer as if they were already used to his antics.

The leader wasn’t afraid to call his words out for what they were: “That’s the best excuse I’ve ever heard. Thank you, Jimin.” And of course, the vocalist just had to add another word of praise: “Superstars!”

Check out the full interview below!