Netizen Lashes out at PSY for Losing Weight Following Recent Update

“Since when do celebrities get criticized for ‘losing’ weight?”

On February 20, PSY of P NATION greeted his fans for the first time in a while through Hyuna‘s live broadcast.

During the broadcast, PSY announced, “I’m working hard to prepare for my next comeback” and waved to their viewers with a smile. But what caught the attention of viewers was his dramatic weight loss.

A netizen who saw PSY’s update made a post in an online community titled, “PSY Fails to Take Care of Himself” with the caption, “He lost weight because it’s his off-season.

“PSY Fails to Take Care of Himself. He lost weight because it’s his off-season.”

It appears that many fans appreciated PSY’s image of having more meat on his bones, and seeing him suddenly lose weight made them worry that he would lose his individuality.

Following the netizen’s post, PSY gave a humorous response by sharing the post along with the message, “I’ll start taking care of myself again, everyone.

“I’ll start taking care of myself again, everyone.”

One of the reasons for his weight loss could be attributed to the fact that PSY recently started his own label called P NATION, which Hyuna and E’Dawn are signed under.

But since PSY says he’s preparing for another comeback soon, let’s hope he returns happy and healthy!

Source: Insight