Puppy seeing cherry blossoms for the first time goes to HEAVEN

This adorable puppy stole the show at the cherry blossom festival, and it’s obvious why.

It’s cherry blossom season in Korea, and many families choose to go to Busan to enjoy the beautiful scenery of cherry blossoms.

However, this tiny, white pomeranian puppy may have stolen the show, as its fluffy white coat and pink little ears helped it blend into the color of the flowers. People thought that the puppy itself looked like a fluffy cherry blossom.

“This flower puppy just appeared at the Samnak Cherry Blossom Festival”

— Busan Police

Check out more photos of the cute puppy below!

The photos were uploaded by the official Twitter account of Busan’s Police department, and went instantly viral for obvious reasons, garnering almost 23k retweets and 10k likes. Just look at its precious little face!

Source: Busan Police