Racist Canadian Woman Screams “Go Back To China” At Restaurant Workers

This Candian woman went on a racist tirade directed at a few Chinese store clerks, a bystander captured it all, and now it’s making headlines.

Frank Hong, a Chinese-Candian and the individual who shot the following video was at a market in Toronto, Ontario, when a middle-aged woman began to harass and verbally abuse the staff.

The lady went up to the counter and asked if anyone knew how to speak English. She didn’t even ask for food at the beginning. I think she was looking for trouble.

— Frank Hong

The woman in the video was captured yelling at the employees saying,”Go back to China” at least a dozen times and, in the words of Mr. Hong, “went on a racist tirade screaming about how they needed to know English.

The video even captured the woman going so far as to say that the employees must speak English as it is required by Canadian law. This was not only offensive but almost entirely untrue. There is no Canadian law that requires all workers in the country to speak English and any such requirements apply only to select employees at federal institutions.

Incidents such as these have become more and more common around the world, but, thankfully one bystander diffused the situation and attempted to help the woman order her food.

“As a Chinese-Canadian, I am deeply appalled and offended by this, and I hope that you can show this to the world so we can raise awareness of such racism.”

— Frank Hong

Check out the video captured below: 

Source: DailyMail, Global News