RAIN’s Latest Shirtless & Sexy Instagram Update Has K-Pop Fans Screaming Oppa


Since his appearance in the latest episode of Hangout with Yoo, the first generation K-Pop star RAIN has been charming the viewers with his pure awesomeness.

Only to fuel the fire, RAIN updated his Instagram feed @rain_oppa with a shirtless dance session…

… and his godly physique has left everyone breathless.

While “bringing back old school vibes“, as he captioned the video, he also raked in the views and gained a ton of new fans!

RAIN is said to have lost 10 kilograms (around 22 pounds) recently, in an effort to “go back to the body he had” in his 20s…

… and it oh-so-very-clearly shows! Is 2020 going to be RAIN’s year all over again? Oooooh yes. Pour it on us.

  • “Look at those moves. He’s the best. And his body looks so much better now, without the bulking up.”
  • “This is unbelievable. He’s really something else.”
  • “He still has the f*cking moves.”
  • “Oppa! Throwback to the days I was so in love with the way he used his long arms to accentuate his dance moves… (Cries)”
  • “He hasn’t stopped taking care of himself since the day he debuted, huh. Wow. And his dance moves haven’t grown dusty either. He’s so cool, man.”
  • “I saw him on Hangout with Yoo and he was talking about taking his shirt off. He should have done it on national TV if this was what we were getting!”

Watch the full wowza here:

Source: THEQOO