Rain And Mary’s Dance Moves Made High School Students’ Knees Weak

Who could resist his body waves?

Back in November 2021, Rain had legendary street dancer Mary as a guest on his YouTube channel, Season B Season. It was a huge honor for her since she used to chase him around in middle school!

Rain and Mary on Season B Season | Season B Season/YouTube 

She wasn’t his only fan guesting in the episode. Two different high school dance troupes were also secretly in attendance!  The production staff asked Rain and Mary to comment on old performance videos of theirs while the students secretly watched and received live feedback.

Of course, since Rain and Mary weren’t aware the students were only a few meters away from them, they didn’t hold back and were strict with their critique.

The students took constructive criticism well, but they also couldn’t help but be affected by the straightforward analysis from their dance idols.

Eventually, the students revealed themselves to Rain and Mary, who were immediately embarrassed and apologetic.

Thankfully the students were gracious enough to accept all of their comments, and they also volunteered to show how much their dancing skills had improved over the years! Both groups totally impressed Rain and Mary.

After seeing their performance, it was only right that the two legendary dancers show off their own freestyle skills! Rain went first. His body waves literally made their knees go weak!

Mary followed after memorizing the entire song after just listening to it once! Her isolation moves were enough to almost make the students faint.

To finish off the freestyle parade, one of the students decided to show off her popping techniques!

It’s rare for dancers to receive such detailed and immediate feedback from their idols. The students looked inspired to continue to learn and grow as performers. What a wonderful memory for them!

Watch the full episode below.

Source: Season B Season