Rain Talks About The Upsetting And Frustrating Time He Only Got A Few Minutes Of Broadcast Time

All he did was introduce himself.

Rain is one of the most famous names known in the Korean entertainment industry due to his great success as a male solo artist, as well as his appearances in Korean dramas.

That doesn’t mean he hasn’t had his share of unfair situations in his career. Rain revealed on an episode of Radio Star one of the most upsetting and frustrating moments of his career. It begins with him getting an invitation to be a guest on an episode of Radio Star.

After filming the episode, Rain thought he did a tremendous job and was extremely anticipated to watch the episode.

Rain was so excited for the episode to air that he gathered all his family so they could watch it together.

The shocking and upsetting part was when he saw that Kim Yuna was on the program that aired prior to his Radio Star episode.

The program featuring airing Kim Yuna kept airing and Rain’s Radio Star episode didn’t look like it was going to air.

Rain only made a few minutes worth of an appearance and it only aired him saying a couple of words.

It was revealed that only his trailer aired that day and his actual appearance was pushed to air the next week. This frustrated many people as it was humiliating towards Rain.

Rain felt that this situation was extremely unfair and had a talk with the people on Radio Star.

Watch the full video below!