Rainbow’s Hyunyoung Accused of Getting a Boob Job by Malicious Commenter Online

Hyunyoung responded to the hate in the most refreshing way.

Rainbow‘s Hyunyoung recently updated her Instagram account with selfies along with the hashtags, #Rainbow, #10years, #Anniversary #Photoessay, and #Soyellow.

The photos showed Hyunyoung sporting a yellow bathing suit and yellow sunglasses, and what particularly stood out was her curves.

Amongst many fans who left positive comments on her photos, one malicious netizen accused her of getting a boob job and demanded that she cover up.

By posting a photo of yourself that makes it so obvious that you got a boob job, is that your way of telling everyone that you got a boob job? If it’s obvious, you should cover up.

– Netizen

But in response, Hyunyoung stood up for herself with a refreshing comment and didn’t let the hate get her down.

I’m sorry, but if you didn’t write this comment to tell everyone that your brain is empty, I suggest you delete it. :)

– Hyunyoung



Source: Dispatch
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