Rainbow’s Hyunyoung Tells Haters Why They Need to Stop Posting Malicious Comments

“I used to think I had to endure this, but I won’t anymore.” – Hyunyoung

Shortly after Rainbow‘s Hyunyoung faced malicious comments regarding a post she made, she announced to her haters that she will not just sit back and take it.

In a long post, Hyunyoung confessed that she suffered many hate comments and harassment online in her 10 years as an idol, but that she will begin to report every single one of them.

Here’s her full message below:

Is the concept of “an eye for an eye” wrong?

I worked hard since my debut 10 years ago, and throughout all those years, I suffered comments of hate and harassment, but I ignored them because I thought getting some kind of attention was better than getting none.

But these days, I’ve been wondering why I have to live like this… and why my mind and life have to suffer when I did nothing wrong.

I didn’t do anything to hurt them, but I have to suffer in their hands just because I’m a celebrity?

Someone told me that I have to endure this kind of thing if I want to be a celebrity, and that if I want to get attention for a living, I have to accept malicious comments. But why? Besides showing our faces to the public, we eat, sleep, talk with friends, and have loving parents just like everyone else.

Wouldn’t you hate it if someone cursed at you for no reason? Well, same goes for us. Because we’re all people. Imagine if people you didn’t know hated you and cursed at you for no reason… It’d make you sad, angry, and miserable… I used to think I had to endure this, but I won’t anymore.

I’m always thankful to those who cheer me on no matter what. I know I’m not the type to express it, but I’ve always been thankful. As for the people posting malicious comments, I’ll report every one of you, so continue if you’d like.

Lastly, I’m sorry for making an issue out of this, and thank you for reading this long message. Everyone, life is short even if we only look at and do beautiful things, so let’s love ourselves more and take care of ourselves better! Let’s do this!

– Hyunyoung


Source: Dispatch