Rainbow Hyunyoung Spits Water All Over Her Fans At Concert

In a video clip that’s currently trending among online netizens communities, Rainbow’s Hyunyoung can be seen spitting water all over her fans at a concert.

In the video clip Hyunyoung walks up to her fellow moment, pointing to her inflated cheeks. At this point her members don’t realize her mouth is filled with water and are oblivious as to what she’s about to do despite her gestures. She stands in front of the cheering audience, winds up, and sprays a huge mouthful of water out all over the faces of her fans to the surprise of her members. The fans seem to love the playful water shower, and her members burst out with laughter at her silly prank. The energy at the concert was wild and fun, and it just goes to show that anything can happen at a Rainbow concert! Be sure not to miss the next one! Check out the clip below for yourself.