Rapper Lee Young Ji Apologies for Twerking In Front of Ewha Womans University

The rapper was hit with controversy when she twerked in front of the gates of Ewha Womans University.

Rapper Lee Young Ji was recently hit with controversy for twerking in from of Ewha Womans University with fellow rapper, Queen Wasabii, and YouTuber, Krazy Girl.

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Just last week, Queen Wasabii took to her Instagram account to share various videos along with the update that they were twerking in front of Ewha Womans University before they were kicked out.

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It could be seen that Queen Wasabii showed off her powerful twerking moves in front of the university that she attended while Lee Young Ji spanked her.

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When netizens saw this, they reacted with comments such as “This is so unpleasant” and “This is inappropriate“.

But following the controversy, it was revealed Lee Young Ji responded to each DM criticizing her for her actions and gave a sincere apology.

One Twitter user shared the message she received from Lee Young Ji herself, which included a message that Lee Young Ji sent to another fan who criticized her for her behavior.

Anonymous Twitter User

The apology reads as follows:

When I thought about it while disregarding my intent behind the dance, I realized as a public figure with more influence, twerking in front of the school gates used by students of Ewha Womans University was an inappropriate thing to do, and something that could have tarnished the reputation of the students…

Since I’m still young, my values are immature, and I have a narrow scope when it comes to the way I think. As a result, I’m afraid posing negative influence on other people with my lacking and immature nature, so make an effort to take a step back and make better decisions. But I was still unable to recognize such a simple concept and ended up showing an immature side of myself, so I’m very sorry and ashamed…

Before I even received this message, I realized I had done something wrong, and once I realized how serious it was, I was reflecting upon my actions so that it’ll never happen again. But thanks to your message, I was able to better understand what I did wrong. I promise something like this will never happen again.

– Lee Young Ji

Lee Young Ji is a 17-year-old rapper whose career took off after winning Mnet‘s High School Rapper 3.

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