Rapper Sleepy Copied BLACKPINK Jennie’s Hairstyle And Asked How She Likes That

And Jennie responded!

Since their last comeback, BLACKPINK Jennie‘s hair — also nicknamed the “hairband bangs” by Korean fans — has been the talk for all BLINKs.

This creative-chic hairstyle inspired many to try…

… including rapper Sleepy! In his Instagram story update, Sleepy shared his new do, styled after the queen:

Complete 🙌 #Jennie

— Sleepy

And though his fellow rapper DinDin absolutely despised it on Sleepy…

My f*cking goodness, I hate his hair. LMAO. #JennieHair

— DinDin

… Jennie thought it looked great on Sleepy! On her Instagram story @jennierubyjane, Jennie answered “Yes” to Sleepy asking if he pulled it off alright:

Yes 🤣🤣 It looks good on you!

— Jennie

So? How do we like Slennie’s hair?

Watch Jennie flaunt not only her hair, but her entire existence at Inkigayo‘s “How You Like That” performance here: