Here Is The Special Reason Why GOT7’s BamBam Dedicated “Let Me Love You” To Ahgases

BamBam is coming for our hearts.

GOT7‘s BamBam has released his latest album, B, as a solo artist, and it contains a track with special significance. BamBam revealed that the song “Let Me Love You” was actually meant for Ahgases!

| @bambam1a/Instagram

He explained that he had written this song for the fans because he felt that he has always received so much support and encouragement from them, that he wanted to return the feeling.

He said this is a song that he hopes fans can listen to when they’re feeling down, as the lyrics are meant to express BamBam’s wish to be there to comfort the fans when they need it.

Naturally, Ahgases are feeling extremely soft over the meaning behind the song…

…and it’s no surprise, as the lyrics are absolutely heart-melting, with lines such as “If your heart feels heavy, share it with me, I will listen to it all,” and “You are doing great every day, even if people don’t see how you feel.”

While BamBam is usually known for his more upbeat personality, his work on this album has really shown other sides of him, and perhaps none more than the lyrics he wrote for “Let Me Love You.” It is easy to tell that they are truly heartfelt, and they really speak to the positive relationship he shares with Ahgases.

Fans have also pointed out how touching it is that BamBam has now dedicated a track to both fans and the GOT7 members. “Let Me Love You” is for Ahgases, while “Under The Sky” from his previous album was for GOT7.

Congratulations to BamBam on the release of his long-awaited B. The thought he’s put into these songs shows how much he’s growing as an artist and as a person!