The Reason Why MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Cut Her Hair Short Before Her Debut

Whatta queen.

This is the story of why MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa decided to cut her hair before her debut.

Before MAMAMOO’s debut, the CEO of Rainbow Bridge World Entertainment (RBW Entertainment) told the girl not to cut their hairs. He said that they weren’t sure what the concept of the group will be yet, and there was just more to do with longer hair.

Most people would listen to their CEO, but Hwasa marches to the beat of her drum! The next day, she cut her hair extremely short, which shocked everyone.

She only had one thing to say to her CEO:

CEO, how do I look?

Hwasa has always been loud and proud of herself, doing the things that make her happy. After hearing this story, many fans commended her for doing her own thing and living like a queen. Shoutout to the queen of loving herself and staying unbothered, Hwasa!

Source: Instiz