The reasons why some Koreans look awkward even with plastic surgery

Scientific evidence behind why some Koreans look awkward even after plastic surgery

South Korea is known for their advancement in plastic surgery and procedures. Many international tourists stop by Korea for these procedures and sometimes even plan their trips solely for such surgeries. But is there a reason why some Koreans or Asians in general look awkward even with plastic surgery?

Here are photo evidences on why some Koreans look awkward even after getting plastic surgery.

According to the photos, Asians tend to have mouth and eyes that protrude more than Caucasians. In Korea, many women and men get plastic surgery to raise their nose. It sometimes looks awkward since the combination of such noses with protruding eyes and mouths is very unnatural.

Doctors claim that it would look more natural if Koreans had their eyes were more concave like the bone structures of most caucasians.

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The difference between asians vs caucasians

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Zach Galifianakis vs Ken Jeong

Source: Instiz