Recent Footage of Kwon Nara’s Sexy Curves Shocks “Itaewon Class” Fans

She’s pure perfection.

In light of the overwhelming popularity of JTBC’s Itaewon Class, much attention has been focused on Kwon Nara‘s stunning beauty.

As such, it’s not surprising that past footage taken of the actress has resurfaced due to the sexy curves she showed off, putting everyone in awe.

The footage was taken just last December for the 2019 KBS Drama Awards, where she was seen walking the red carpet in a gorgeous nude dress.

But what fans didn’t expect was for Kwon Nara to show up in a dress that showed off her shocking curves.

Not only did she give off elegant vibes, but she also proved to everyone that she’s absolutely sexy.

Kwon Nara is often known to play characters that wear more conservative clothing, so many fans were surprised to see the actress flaunt another side to herself.

Fans who had never seen this side of Kwon Nara before are responding with comments such as “Wow, she’s stunning” and “I almost mistook her for a goddess“.

When fans didn’t think Kwon Nara couldn’t get more gorgeous…

She proved everybody wrong.

What a goddess indeed.

Source: Insight

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