Red Velvet Fans Show Concern Over Wendy’s Constantly Changing Weight

Netizens are concerned with Wendy’s health as Red Velvet’s busy schedule get busier and busier.

Netizens noted that Wendy looked a bit bloated than usual during the recent Inkigayo performance.

They worry that her face could have swollen from extreme stress or overworking.

They expressed their concerns, saying that there’s a difference between gaining weight and getting bloated from bad health.

“I don’t say this to bad mouth her, but Wendy really looks sickly…

Did you know that there’s a difference between gaining weight and getting bloated?

I feel like she’ll hurt if I even touch her skin, it’s unfortunate.”

— Nate Pann Netizen

They say her voice is much smaller and her dance moves are much less energetic.

Fans simply hope that Wendy is taking good care of her health, and wish for her well being.

Wendy was the center of her fans’ worries when she looked alarmingly skinny early this summer.

Red Velvet Wendy looks alarmingly skinny at recent performance

But it had seemed as if she was steadily getting back to her healthy weight again.

Fans Are Glad To See Red Velvet’s Wendy Finally Gaining Weight

Hopefully, Wendy will find enough nourishment and rest to prevent any health issues.

Source: Nate Pann