Before Red Velvet Steps On Stage, They’re In Their Waiting Rooms Doing These Activities

We often see what idols do in public and on stage but what idols do in the privacy of their waiting rooms before the concert is often something of a mystery. Fortunately, Red Velvet has given us a glimpse into their backstage life.

Here are 6 times Red Velvet has shown us what they do to kill time before their show:

1-2. Putting on a choreographed show

The caption to this video reads: “Polar bears in Havanna🎉💚💛”. Joy and Seulgi might just be the sexiest polar bears to ever dance in “Havana”.

In another video, Joy danced to no music but keeps it flashy. No wonder it got over 2.5 million views!

3. Singing and dancing along to sunbae idols’ music

Wendy and Irene in classy blazers executing SUPER JUNIOR’s latest release, “Black Suit”, might be the best support and love a sunbae could expect from a hoobae idol!

4-5. Playing word games

Irene and Yeri played a word game where they have to each say a syllable of a word in quick succession. In the first version, they play with “Ppalgan mat” (Red Flavor).

In another version, Yeri played with Joy to the lyrics of “Level Up”.

6. Trying out exaggerated aegyo. 

Irene performed her best, exaggerated aegyo for her little sister, Yeri.

“Joo Hyun is really really bored.”

— Irene

Yeri was not having it at first but she cracked under the adorableness!