Red Velvet Wendy Finds Seulgi Crying Backstage And Comforts her

An old video of Red Velvet’s Wendy and Seulgi recently became viral again just in time for Wendy’s 23rd birthday.

Early last year, Red Velvet appeared on SBS MTV The Show, where they ended up winning for their song, “One Of These Nights.” And as they sang their winning song for the show’s ending, Joy and Seulgi couldn’t hold back their tears of joy, but that was not all.

In addition to the actual video of the show, a behind the scenes video was also recorded; taking viewers backstage and showing a very heartwarming moment between Seulgi and Wendy. Near the end of the video, after the show ended and the girls finished singing, Seulgi rushed backstage while crying. Wendy quickly followed her and asked why she was crying then comforted her.

This shows that Wendy is a genuinely good and compassionate person who really loves and cares for her members. How sweet!

You can also watch the full video below: