Red Velvet’s Fans Buy New iPhone 11 For Them

K-Pop fans are known for their gift-giving skills.

K-Pop fans always take special consideration when picking out gifts for their favorite idols, and they barely bat an eyelash at spending any sum of money on their bias. Red Velvet‘s fans are no different. Several Red Velvet fansites have saved up funds to buy their favorite member the latest Apple iPhone as gifts.

Joy‘s fansite “Wonders Never Cease” appears to have bought her a green iPhone 11.

Irene‘s “Golden Slumber” fansite bought her a purple iPhone 11, which is believed to be her favorite color.

Like Irene, Yeri‘s fansite “Be A Better You” also bought her a purple iPhone.

It’s unclear at the moment how the fansites plan on getting the phones to the girls, or whether the girls will be allowed to accept them, but their generosity and thoughtfulness has been noticed by ReVeluv worldwide.