Remember That Time When BLACKPINK’s Jennie Went Blonde For The First Time? Yeah, It Was AMAZING

She’s gorgeous.

 YG Entertainment released Jennie’s teaser for BLACKPINK‘s mini album KILL THIS LOVE, and the picture showed Jennie with blonde hair for the first time ever, fans went absolutely crazy.

During BLACKPINK’s promotions, or her solo promotions, Jennie’s hair has generally been a general shade of brown or black. The closest she was to a blonde hair color before was an ombre hairstyle, with a more dirty-blonde color towards the end of her hair.

Fans went absolutely crazy seeing Jennie in blonde hair for the first time, and who’s to blame them?

Unfortunately, Jennie’s blonde hair was just a wig, but fans still showed their love for her hair, and even cracked a few jokes about it.