Reporter Reveals Some Of The Ways K-Pop Idols Get Caught Dating

Reporters go far lengths to find out information.

K-Pop idols dating is always a touchy topic, where some netizens believe that idols shouldn’t date. This causes idols to date in secrecy, but reporters are sometimes able to catch them. On an episode of We Like Zines, Super Junior‘s Heechul and Kyulkyung decided to talk with a reporter.

The reporter reveals some of the news stories he’s broken out.

Heechul was curious about some popular spots idols liked to go on secrets dates on, as well as how they potentially get caught.

The reporter reveals idols like to go on dates early in the morning or at night. This is because there are fewer people around those times, so they are less likely to get seen.

Idols also may go on dates in their cars, so that no one can see them. Heechul was curious about how idols could still get caught when doing this. The reporter reveals that while idols may stay in their cars for long periods, they still get out of their cars to do small errands. This is the opportunity where reporters can see them.

Also, when there are rumors about idols dating, reporters will go to people from those respective idols agencies. Reporters will start natural conversations, where they can gradually obtain more information about the idols dating.

Here is the full video below!