Rocket Punch Explain Why They Think They’re Perfect For The “New-tro” Genre

They also shared how they prepared for replicating an older genre.

Rocket Punch recently held a showcase for the release of their newest album, Ring Ring, with a title track of the same name.

“Ring Ring” is a song that combines synth wave with synth-pop from the 1980s. Retro concepts are trendy among fans these days but are usually mostly done by solo artists. This was the first time the girl group created anything in the retro style. Thus, they were asked how they felt experiencing the new-tro (new/retro) genre for the first time.

I think that the genre is very special. It’s not a genre that’s common among idol groups. I think that of all the idol groups making comebacks this month, we’re the only ones doing ‘new-tro.’ I think that the genre works well for us, since it gives nostalgic and relatable vibes from the past.



Yunkyoung shared that the group had actually watched many music performances, movies, and videos from the 1980s to help them be more aware of the genre. She also mentioned T-ARA’s “Roly Poly,” which was a popular retro song and also had a story (the video was 12 minutes long).


They revealed that they were practicing with facial expressions, gestures, and props similar to what “Roly Poly” did to truly get the feel of the era.


It has been about eight months since Rocket Punch’s last comeback, and fans were beginning to question where they were. Yunkyoung and Suyun shared that the members were practicing a lot to improve their skills and took some time to relax. They tried to keep in contact with their fans as much as possible. Suyun commented, “We spoke often with our fans and gained strength and energy from each other.


Suhyun finished the showcase with a final statement on what she loved about the music video.

Since ‘Ring Ring’ is a fast-paced, fun song, our hair and makeup is also very fun. Our eye makeup in particular really suits the members.




Check out “Ring Ring” below!

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