Rookie Reveals The Number 1 Reason Why Trainees Are Kicked Out Of Companies

A lot of trainees get kicked out of the company for this reason.

During a talk show called “Idol Drama Operation Team,” idols talked about the weight loss quotas they had to meet as trainees… and what would happen if they failed to meet their quotas.


SONAMOO’s D.ana started the conversation by saying how she had to meet a weight loss goal for every single day.


She explained that trainees were unable to go home and rest until the weight loss goal was reached for that day.


D.ana also recounted her trainee days where 5 out of 10 trainees were kicked out of the company for not meeting the daily weight goals.


She shocked everyone when she explained that it didn’t matter if you were talented or pretty – if you did not meet weight goals, the agency saw it as a weakness, and would kick you out of the company.


Everyone in the studio was left shocked at D.ana’s anecdote about the reality of being an idol.