Running Man Cast Perform Dangerous Building Jump Stunt

SBS‘s Running Man takes a very, literal dive on the show this week. The cast jumped out of a three-story prison building in order to make it to a member’s wedding on time.

On this Member’s Week Special, titled “Ji Suk Jin‘s Week,” the show revolved around Ji Suk Jin’s wedding party to renew his vows with his wife. The Running Man cast had been taken to prison in the most recent episode and were held captive until they were able to escape to get to the wedding in time.

The time spent in prison was a mostly quiet experience – with lots of mundane activities such as reading embarrassing letters. The show came to a climax when the cast determined that in order to escape from prison they would have to jump out of a three-story building.

Song Ji Hyo proved her bravery by easily climbing out the window and jumping down first.

Lee Kwang Soo struggled much more with his descent, getting dizzy and even begging to just stay in prison.

Lee Kwang Soo struggled even more, once the descent started.

In the end, Lee Kwang Soo and the remaining members successfully made it to the bottom!

Don’t forget to watch Running Man to see the full episode and don’t forget that Running Man will continue to air!