Running Man Cast Share Their Baby Filter Photos And They’re Just The Cutest Things

Kim Jong Kook makes an especially cute baby.

On the latest episode of Running Man, the cast decided to test out the popular baby filter after seeing the baby versions of Yoo Jae Suk and Jo Sae Ho. Seok Jin was quick to point out that Jae Suk looks exactly like his mother in the picture, much to the delight of the rest of the cast.

The staff then shared a picture of HaHa with the filter on that his wife Byul had taken. Everyone agreed that HaHa made a cute baby.

After Seok Jin tried out the filter, Ji Hyo wondered aloud what kind of baby could be that old. Lee Kwang Soo followed this up by saying that the picture looks just like Seok Jin without the filter.

Next up was Jihyo, Lee Kwang Soo remarked that she was pretty despite her forehead taking up half her face in the picture. Everyone else agreed that she looked like a “foreign beauty”.

Kim Jong Kook reluctantly agreed to take a picture with the filter on. The resulting image was very cute but the other cast members didn’t think so with Kwang Soo joking “Even though he’s a baby, he looks really mean”.

You can watch the cast’s adorable antics below: