San-E to Comeback With “Season of Suffering”

San-E will be coming back with a mic in his hand, not as a show host, but as the rapper we all knew him as.

January 16, according to an insider in the industry, San-E will be coming back on January 23 with a new album, Season of Suffering, making it a year and 9 months since his last album She’s.

Although he has still been active as a rapper by featuring on other artists’ songs and releasing project albums with fellow artists, San-E is finally releasing an album of his own ever since his last single, “Bad Year.”

Fans are ecstatic, as San-E is one of the few rappers who address controversial issues in society and the hip-hop scene, as well as his captivating autobiographical story-telling style in various genres of music.

Are you excited to see San-E’s comeback?

Source: Sports Chosun