TWICE can’t stop touching each other’s butts, here’s proof

TWICE Sana and Momo share an unbelievably close bond together and prove that they really have a close friendship.

As we’ve seen before, TWICE is a close-knit group of girls who love to show affection to one another. They are no strangers to kissing and have even gone so far as to tease each other by touching each other’s butts. With friendship like theirs, it’s easy to see that their love for each other will last a lifetime.

Although many idols have very close friendships, none are as close as TWICE’s Sana and Momo. The lovely ladies have been friends for a staggering five years—with their friendship still going strong!

During a fan signing event in Pangyo, Seongnam, Sana speaks to the crowd about her friendship with Momo. Apparently, they have never fought, not even once!

Momo offers a thumbs-up of approval.

In their five years of friendship, the lovely ladies have never had an argument or fight.

Momo agrees with Sana without hesitation.

Naturally, their friendship has manifest on stage on a number of special occasions.

At the cable broadcasting event, Sana gave Momo a sly slap on the butt.

She immediately returned the favor.

Sana strikes again! During a live stream performance, Sana gives Momo a quick slap on the butt!

It doesn’t stop there! During an international Meet & Greet broadcast, the lovely ladies exchanged a series of playful butt slaps.