Sana pranks Dahyun by sticking finger in her mouth

TWICE is up to their silly antics again with more pranks, as Sana stuck her finger in Dahyun‘s mouth during a live stream!

The TWICE girls are making a name for themselves as pranksters recently with all of their good-natured jabs and playful shenanigans. Sana recently got Dahyun in a prank during a live stream, in which Dahyun had her mouth wide open while yelling. Sana’s next move made both of them burst into giggles.

After giving the audience cute finger hearts, Dahyun opened her mouth and Sana stuck her finger inside! It caught Dahyun by surprise, immediately making her stop and, while Dahyun proceeded to pout, Sana couldn’t help but laugh.

The two are very close – and the hilarious (and somewhat risky? – She could have had her finger bitten!) prank was well received. Who knows what TWICE will do next?