Sandara Park Confesses She’s Still Under 90 Pounds and Reveals Her Secret to Staying Thin

Sandara Park gained weight since 2NE1, but she still weighs less than 90 pounds.

On a recent episode of MBC’s Unnie’s Salon, Sandara Park opened up about her secret to beauty as well as maintaining her surprisingly consistent weight.


When Lee So Ra commented on her flawless, mannequin-like skin, Sandara Park acknowledged it and revealed why she thinks her skin is so nice.

When I was a rookie, I’d say, ‘No, it’s not that nice’, but now… haha. I used to live in the Philippines, so I drank noni juice, ate Calamansi, and used noni soap. When I break out, I use noni soap, which makes it all go away.

– Sandara Park

But what surprised viewers, even more, was when Sandara Park confessed that she gained weight since her debut days, but that she’s still under 90 pounds.

I’m currently 40 kilograms (88 pounds), but when I was active with 2NE1, I was between 38 (84 pounds) and 39 (86 pounds) kilograms.

– Sandara Park

And she revealed her secret to maintaining her weight so consistently.

According to Sandara Park, she does what’s called intermittent fasting, but she confessed that she didn’t even know she was doing it at first.

If I’m not hungry, I don’t eat for 12 hours. I later realized that that’s called intermittent fasting.

– Sandara

Fans who found this out for the first time are responding with comments such as “That’s how much I weighed in elementary school” and “I can’t believe she’s 40 kilograms after gaining weight“.

Sandara Park’s weight is likely to be genetics as well, so here’s hoping both Sandara Park and her fans approach dieting in a healthy manner and a way that works for them if they choose to do so.

Source: Insight