Sandara Park Surprising Her Friend With EXO Merch And Autographs Is Peak Friendship Goals

The moment will leave you feeling extra soft:

When it comes to planning the best surprises ever for her friends, Sandara Park definitely is the queen! Dara recently uploaded a video to her SNS pages chronicling the moment she pulled the ultimate gift switch to surprise her friend Ana who happens to be a huge EXO-L with lots of EXO goodies!

Image: @daraxxi/Instagram

Since Korea is famous for K-Beauty, Dara told a little white lie to her friend saying she had bought some mask packs for her…

When in reality, in the bag was all sorts of EXO merch! When Ana pulled the first item from the bag, she couldn’t hide her surprise, excitement, and complete happiness over the amazing gift.

While her reaction immediately had everyone smiling, that wasn’t the end to the adorable moment. Dara had also tucked a signed “Obsession” album and some other Kai merch in the bag so the moment Ana uncovered them, well, it was completely relatable!

Despite being off-camera for most of the video, there was no hiding her own adorable reaction to seeing her friend so excited and happy as she excitedly pointed at Ana’s reaction and happily laughed along!

This isn’t the first time that Dara and Ana took over everyone’s heart with their amazing friendship! Last year as an early birthday surprise, Dara had given her EXO’s autographs and, well, the whole moment instantly stole everyone’s heart!

With this latest moment taking over the internet and everyone’s heart, everyone is more convinced than ever that we all need a friend like Dara in our lives. Check out more of the adorable moment between these two besties below:

Korea is famous for K-Beauty, so I told a little white lie and said I bought mask packs as a gift, then I gave her her favorite celebs’ goods.