Sandara Park And Zico Are Peak Cuteness In Their “Any Song Challenge”

They can move!

Sandara Park and Zico are making hearts flutter with their recent interaction!

Dara surprised her followers when she posted a video on Instagram featuring the renowned rapper. They attempted his very own “Any Song Challenge”.


Fans declared the video peak cuteness straight away!


They loved how Dara seems to be everyone’s universal friend.


Their moves and aegyo were definitely top-notch.


The friends previously starred in My Celeb Roomies along with Zico’s fellow Block B member P.O.


The “Any Song Challenge” uses Zico’s latest title track as the background of a fun dance. Other celebrities that attempted their versions include WINNER‘s Mino, Chungha, and MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa.

WINNER’s Mino Was So Excited To Take On Zico’s “Any Song” Challenge He Couldn’t Wait For Zico

Source: Dara