“He’s Too Annoying” — A Second-Generation Idol Gets “Exposed” By His Housemate

They were completely honest!

Thankfully, due to the popularity of YouTube as a platform for media, more and more stars can put out content. Several second-generation idols have been given their own programs lately, like Kim Jaejoong.

Another second-generation idol who has had many lol-ing with his content is Kangnam. Kangnam got his start in the K-Pop industry in 2011 when he debuted as a member of M.I.B before their official disbandment in 2017.

Kangnam | International bnt

Since then, Kangnam has primarily appeared in variety shows, hilariously referring to himself as “Korean popular athlete’s husband,” a joke about his wife’s (Lee Sang Hwa) Olympian status.

Kangnam (left) and his wife, Olympian Lee Sang Hwa (right).

Recently, the star was “exposed” by an unexpected person — his mother!

In Kangnam’s latest video, titled “Junsu, Who Bought His Parents A New House VS Kangnam, Who Still Lives With His Mom,” Kangnam welcomes Junsu into his home alongside his mother.  From the video’s start, the mother and son’s playful relationship dynamic is seen as she reacts to Kangnam’s teasing.

Later in the episode, Kangnam’s mother is asked if she’d trade Junsu for Kangnam as a son, hilariously saying she would “get a new son a million times.

After Junsu expresses shock over this, she explains that she likes calm and quiet men. Kangnam, known for his boisterous personality, is “too annoying,” in her opinion, making it “painful” to be with him.

This is all in good fun, as just before this moment, she agreed that people likely envied her because of how sweet Kangnam is.

You can check out the full episode below.