The Secret Good Luck Charm Of Kep1er’s First Music Video

“Think of it as a good sign!”

In a recent video to their YouTube channel, Kep1er members reacted to their music video for “Wa Da Da.”

The members were excited about finally seeing their first music video, reacting enthusiastically at each member’s part and the special CGI effects the editors added.

Kep1er members reacting to their “Wa Da Da” music video | @Kep1er/YouTube

On their rewatch, leader Yujin encouraged everyone to shout to pause the video if they had an exciting story or TMI to share.

The members took this seriously, sharing many insights about the filming process. But perhaps the funniest story they shared was about filming a group scene in the music video.


Although multiple members chimed in to try and tell the story, Chaehyun was the one who ended up describing how Yujin was posing and “something fell.”


Amidst the members’ giggles, Chaehyun continued to explain that there was a bird who was apparently living at the set “and [that] bird pooped.”


Ever optimistic, Yujin chose to embrace it as a sign of good luck, even as she wiped the “gift” off her arm.

“Luckily it didn’t hit your face,” Chaehyun joked before Yujin encouraged viewers once more to “think of it as a good sign!”


And maybe the bird’s gift was lucky since Ke1per’s debut has already become so successful, selling over 200,000 copies of their album within the first week of sales.

You can watch their full reaction here.