There Is A Secret Version Of The BTS Mic Drop Music Video On Apple Music

Many ARMYs don’t know about this.

Every BTS fan is aware of the music video for Steve Aoki’s remix of ‘Mic Drop’ which helped BTS catapult in popularity in the United States and elsewhere.

Most fans are probably also aware of the music video for the Japanese release of ‘Mic Drop’ which was featured on their third Japanese album “Face Yourself”. This music video is a lot like the Korean version as it features close-ups and Steve Aoki is often present.

But did you know a third music video exists for Mic Drop? This version is only available on Apple Music which means that a lot of ARMYs won’t know about it since alternative music streaming services are more popular among the fandom.

This music video is a pure dancing video to the Japanese version of the song, it is all choreography from start to finish which ARMY may be craving since an official dance practice of Mic Drop doesn’t exist. A free preview of the music video is available here.