“See You In My 19th Life” Actress Shin Hye Sun Rehearses Lines In An Unexpected Place

She says it’s “the ideal place” to rehearse!

See You In My 19th Life is creating a buzz as the popular webtoon-turned-drama continues to tell the story of character Ban Ji Eum (Shin Hye Sun), who is attempting to reunite with her childhood love from her past life, Moon Seo Ha (Ahn Bo Hyun).

Ban Ji-eum can endlessly reincarnate. But when her 18th life gets cut short, she dedicates the next one to finding her now grown-up childhood love.

— Netflix

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With the show underway, lead actress Shin Hye Sun (also stylized as Shin Hae Sun) sat down with Netflix for a keyword interview, during which she spilled on topics like the K-Drama that inspired her to become an actress and the unexpected location she considers the “ideal place” to practice her lines.

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Shin Hye Sun debuted in the hit 2012 K-Drama School 2013 and has been praised for her acting skills ever since.

Since watching Autumn In My Heart, Shin Hye Sun realized she could make a career out of acting, and it remains her all-time favorite drama to this day.

She’s since appeared in multiple films, over 15 K-Dramas, and now stars in See You In My 19th Life.

Shin Hye Sun uses her talents to bring to life the complex lead character Ban Ji Eum, who has lived 19 lives, with impressive versatility.

To prepare for her acting roles, Shin Hye Sun has a unique routine and shares the unexpected location where she practices her lines, and she was surprised when it came up in the interview with the keywords “restroom mirror.”

More accurately, when she wants to rehearse, the actress heads to her bathtub and recites lines while looking in the mirror across from the tub.

Shin Hye Sun hilariously assured viewers that the unexpected location was the ideal place to rehearse.

Check out the full keyword interview in the article below!