Seo Hyun Jin Accidentally Admits She Wears the Same Clothes Every Day

All because she misunderstood a joke.

The YouTube channel, Seo Hyun Jin Supporters Spring Road just uploaded a video filmed in front of the coffee truck that fans gifted Seo Hyun Jin with.

While standing in front of the truck, one fan asked Seo Hyun Jin why she wears the same t-shirt every day.

Why do you where the same t-shirt every day?

– Fan

This question was asked as a play on (Korean) words, implying that she was pretty every day.

But Seo Hyun Jin, who didn’t get the joke, showed a surprised look on her face and made an unintentional confession.

How did you know I wear the same clothes every day?

– Seo Hyun Jin

After finding out about the true meaning of the question, Seo Hyun Jin knitted her brows and asked, “What kind of joke is that?” and confessed, “There’s an outfit I actually wear every day though.

In response to Seo Hyun Jin’s innocent reaction to the joke, fans are leaving comments such as “She’s actually so cute” and “So which outfit does she wear every day?

Source: Insight