Seo Ji Hye And Red Velvet’s Irene Are Gaining Attention For Their Sisterlike Visuals After Past Photos Resurface

They look like they could be long-lost sisters:

Since the hit K-Drama series Crash Landing On You as come to an end, many of the actors’ and actresses’ previous works, interviews, and more have been resurfacing and trending among K-Drama fans who simply can’t get enough of these talented individuals.

While recently digging into the past interviews of Seo Ji Hye, who played Seo Dan in the drama, netizens rediscovered the striking resemblance between the actress and Red Velvet‘s Irene.

In particular, one set of photos of the two of them standing side-by-side have been capturing everyone’s attention.

The photos were taken during Irene and Ji Hye’s 2016 guest appearance on MBC‘s Radio Star and even back then, everyone was talking about their similar visuals!

Image: MBC’s “Radio Star”

The usual saying is that a younger person resembles an older one but I feel younger because I get compared to Irene. I also jokingly tell people around that it was better that I resemble Irene.

— Seo Ji Hye

Seeing the two together once again after the photos resurfaced, netizens simply can’t deny the resemblance between them and have even been saying they could be long-lost sisters!

While they’re not related in real life, many fans are hopeful that someday they will play sisters in a future drama. There’s no doubt that it would be amazing!

Source: Insight