This is how Seohyun is treating her fans after leaving Girls’ Generation

After leaving Girls’ Generation, Seohyun ran into her fans at the airport and they were surprised by how she treated them.

Seohyun flew out to New York for a photoshoot, one of her latest activities after leaving Girls’ Generation.

Instead of walking past the fans in a hurry, as usual, Seohyun stopped to greet each and everyone who showed up.

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She took selfies with those who came to welcome her, as well as signed previous album photos!

Fans were ecstatic over the personal interaction, something that rarely happened at an airport with the whole Girls’ Generation crew.

Fans noticed that even though she was tired from her long flight, she never lost her smile.

She sincerely looked happy to meet her fans from across the globe!

Many commented on how nice she was in person.

Fans also revealed that they were able to talk to Seohyun casually, another aspect that was barred by the strict security for Girls’ Generation members.

A fan also revealed that Seohyun did all this to her fans despite her manager hurrying her to her next schedule.

Fans are amazed by Seohyun’s love towards her fans and her kind heart.