Seolhyun Eating In Private vs. Eating On TV

AOA‘s Seolhyun has established quite a reputation for her enormous appetite, and these videos will show you just how much she loves food.

Seolhyun once revealed on KBS‘s celebrity group talk show, Happy Together, that she almost quit being an idol due to their rigorous diets and reduced portion sizes.

Yoo Jae Suk then revealed that they had a pre-recorded video of Seolhyun eating and the way she ate shocked everyone in the studio.

In a pre-recorded video, Seolhyun finished two whole packets of instant jjajangmyeon (noodles in black bean sauce) she had cooked herself.

This ultimately landed her an advertisement contract with Nongshim‘s Jjapaghetti, a brand of instant jjajangmyeon. The difference between the two is hilarious!

This just shows the difference between how everyone eats in real life versus how they eat on TV!

Check out the full differences below!

Source: Dispatch