Seolhyun Explains Why She Had to Step out During Her Kiss Scene with Yang Se Jong


AOA‘s Seolhyun revealed why she had to take a step outside to get some fresh air during her kiss scene with Yang Se Jong in the drama, My Country.

In a YouTube video uploaded by The Swoon, the cast was watching clips of the drama when they approached a kiss scene.

Yang Se Jong expressed his embarrassment by muttering, “Uh oh… Our first kiss scene.


Seolhyun then confessed that she had to take a step outside during the kiss scene.

I had to take a break during the filming. My ears got too red. You can see it on the screen, too. I rested until my ears settled down, took a break outside, and then continued filming.

– Seolhyun

Yang Se Jong continued to express his embarrassment by adding, “It’s cringy. My heart fluttered. Let’s move on.

Check out the full clip below (6:00):


Source: Dispatch