Seolhyun’s latest figure-hugging outfit left fans breathless

AOA‘s Seolhyun turned more than a few heads at a recent red carpet event for her figure-hugging outfit that showed off her enviable body.

Seolhyun’s flawless figure was on full display at a red carpet event for the luxury Italian brand, Salvatore Ferragamo red carpet event. She was spotted wearing a high-waisted skirt and tight black top which highlighted her skin tone, tiny waist, and ample bosom.

Seolhyun is well known for her amazing body, and her incredible hourglass figure once again left reporters and fans in awe, serving as a reminder of her reputation as one of Korea’s most beautiful stars.

Take a look at Seolhyun’s head-turning red carpet outfit below:

Her outfit raised eyebrows as her high waisted skirt and tight top accentuated her large chest.
Seolhyun’s flawless outfit accentuated her natural features and skin tone perfectly.
Seolhyun’s perfect body has become famous among fans. Her sexy figure creates a new standard of body goals.
She’s hardly showing any skin and yet you can see that she has a perfect figure.
Seolhyun’s incredibly figure is the envy of many.
The high slit in this skirt give Seolhyun’s gorgeous legs a chance to shine too.
A bright smile and a gorgeous, curvy figure—what more could you ask for?
The black top and high-waisted skirt really show off Seolhyun’s petite waist and ample bust.
Just gorgeous.

Seolhyun recently explained the details of her diet and exercise routine, and it comes as no surprise that a lot of hard work went into getting this stunning look.