Seoul has a very usual cafe that you’ll want to visit

Since the world’s first cat café opened in Taipei in 1998, I’m sure you’ve become very familiar with the concept of cat cafés and just how adorable they are. In fact, all sorts of animal cafés have popped up all over the world and their clientele return often to visit their cute animals. Japan’s variety of animal café’s is actually astounding and ranges from bunny cafés to penguin cafés!

But isn’t that discriminatory, you say? Don’t all animals deserve love regardless of whether we traditionally consider them cute? Well… what if I told you that, in Seoul, there was such a thing as a a café dedicated to an animal known for turning waste bins over in order to root around in the garbage? A café for that nighttime neighbourhood pest: the racoon?

Because that’s just what I’m telling you.


The café goes by the name The Blind Alley and when you see the racoon sign on the wall, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place.

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First off, there are a few rules:


This girl certainly knows how to make friends!

What a cute little guy sleeping on the job!

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Awake now, he just wants to hold hands.

And it looks like this little guy just wants to dance the night away.

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One thing’s for sure, these little guys will leave you with a huge smile on your face.


For more raccoon hi-jinx, take a look at the videos below: