Seoul Residents Can Now Watch Movies For Free By the Beautiful Han River

For the next five weeks, residents of Seoul will be able to watch free outdoor movie screenings near the Han River.

Image Source: Hello Posco

Residents will be able to enjoy a movie screening every Saturday at 8:00 P.M. from July 22 to August 19.

The screenings are a part of Seoul’s Han River Summer Festival, and started since 2014.

This year will be its fourth year as it continues to be a major attraction of the festival.

The movies will be projected on a screen under several bridges near the Han River, including the Cheonho Bridge, Cheongdam Bridge, Wonyo Bridge, and Seongsan Bridge.

Since the screenings will be outdoors, Seoul residents will not only enjoy a free movie, but also the beautiful views of the Han River.

Image Source: Korea318

The current movie lineup includes Your Name and La La Land, with more to be added soon.

Source: Chosun and Insight