This Is The Body Feature That Sets X1’s Wooseok And Hangyul Apart

Can you guess what it is?

Produce X 101’s winning group, X1, is undoubtedly full of visuals. From the boyish look of the maknae-line to the manliness of the hyung-line, there is a definite unique look to each member.

It is Wooseok and Hangyul, in particular, that are catching K-netizen’s eyes for a very distinct reason.

Their key difference is their muscle mass! Despite not belonging to the maknae-line, Wooseok has a prince-like charm that comes from his slim body while Hangyul is one of the most muscled members in X1.

The two have killer visuals when put in the same frame.

Ah I love this. I like how Kim Wooseok looks sharp and how Lee Hangyul looks like a badass. His muscles are the killing point.

– Korean Netizen

Their thickness is different but they individually look handsome <3

– Korean Netizen

What can we say? We agree!

Source: Nate