Seulgi drew a picture of Taeyeon, and it’s shockingly realistic

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi showed off her incredible artistic skills, impressing everyone with her hidden talent.

In addition to being an incredibly skilled dancer and powerful vocalist, Seulgi surprised everyone with her impressive drawing skills. As shown previously when she used a lip tint to draw and color in her drawing, Seulgi has great fashion sense and amazing art skills.

Proving her expertise in many areas of art, Seulgi shared a recent art piece of Audrey Hepburn using pointillism. Pointillism is a meticulous technique which requires a lot of patience, in which small dots are used to form an image.

오랜만에 그렸어요? 팔이 빠질뻔했답니다? #취미생활#점묘화#강화백#?? 이제 코자자~

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“It’s been a while since I drew ? My arm almost fell off ? #Hobby #Pointillism #Artist #ArtistKang #?? I’ll get to bed now~”

She’s also created pieces featuring American actress Natalie Portman in her role as Mathilda Lando from thriller film Léon: The Professional.

잠안올때 끄적끄적 오늘 날씨 무지 덥죠 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 조금만 더 힘을내요!!!! #누굴그린걸까요?#강화백#활동시작#?

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“Scribbled when I couldn’t fall asleep. It’s really hot todayㅠㅠ Cheer up!! #WhoDidIDraw #ArtistKang #StartWorking #?”

Seulgi also drew adorable sketches of characters from Zootopia!

주토피아!!!!! #끄적끄적#닉#주디#다좋지만#나무늘보!!!#플래쉬❤️#? #레드벨벳#레벨투어중

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Seulgi revealed that she was a huge fan and drew Taeyeon on Taeyeon’s show Daily Taeng9cam.

Taeyeon was greatly impressed by her drawing skills!

During her “Ice Cream Cake” promotions, Seulgi appeared on a live show in which she showed fans her many drawings in her sketchbook.

Are you impressed by Seulgi’s art?