Seulgi And Irene Both Cut Their Bangs Short…And Fans Can’t Decide Who Looks Better

Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Irene both got a new bang style, and fans cannot believe how cute they look!

Irene usually maintains her long hair without bangs, showing off a sleek, flowing hairstyle.

Even when she has her bangs down, they are usually in a ‘see-through’ bang style, where you can see her forehead through her bangs.

Her most recent hairstyle, however, has Irene sporting super short bangs that don’t even reach her eyebrows.

Many are saying this cute style makes her look much younger and more innocent.

Like Irene, Seulgi also usually had her forehead open for public viewing.

Even when she had bangs, they were styled in a see-through way so that her forehead could be seen.

Her forehead has now all but disappeared behind her short-cropped bangs, and it’s super cute.

She also pulled off her beautiful bangs with her Cleopatra costume for Halloween.

Fans can’t stop talking about Irene and Seulgi’s bangs, or who is cuter in them.