Seulgi’s Friends Leak Adorable Video Of Her In Highschool

A video of Red Velvet‘s Seulgi at her school’s event has been going viral, and it’s obvious why.

One netizen uploaded a video of Red Velvet’s Seulgi having fun with her friends and joking around at her school event.

In the video, Seulgi is wearing a white group T-shirt that supports her team, as well as a headband with the shape of a poop emoji sitting on her head.

Seulgi’s friend is recording the video, and as she approaches Seulgi, she asks her to say something to her while facing the camera. Seulgi’s adorable visuals can be seen here as she stares into the camera trying to think of what to say.

At first, she simply says “Hello” before laughing and covering her face in embarrassment and getting mocked by her friend for such a simple statement.

After adorably goofing around with her friends, the video ends with her running away from the camera as soon as she jokingly calls her friend a “cockroach”, showing her innocent and playful side.

Watch the adorable video here!