The Reasons Why SEVENTEEN Chose To Renew Their Contracts A Year Early, According To The Members Themselves

We’re glad they did!

SEVENTEEN is one of the hottest K-Pop groups at the moment. Though they’re already seven years into their debut, their popularity is showing no signs of dying down. In fact, they’re gaining more recognition as time passes by!

It was thus a big deal for CARATs when the boys decided to renew their contracts with PLEDIS Entertainment last year. This was an entire year before they hit the “seven year curse” that marked the disbandment of many senior K-Pop groups before them.


SEVENTEEN explained their unique decision to do so when they sat down for an interview with Billboard. Here, Joshua shared that it was their close bond that led to their conclusion to renew their contracts early. They had a deep belief that good things would happen if they stayed together as thirteen members longer.

I think we had the belief in our team, like SEVENTEEN in general.

— Joshua

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They knew that they were on a solid path of growth as artists. Rather than wait for the expiration of their contracts, they didn’t waste time and instead preferred being proactive in reaching their goals. The members were also sure that their fans, CARATs, would stay by their sides the entire time.

That belief played one of the biggest parts in renewing our contracts: our belief in SEVENTEEN, our belief in our Carats, our belief in our growth and how we’re going to grow in the future. All of these played a big part in renewing our contracts pretty early.

— Joshua

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Hoshi chimed in that they were not ready to say goodbye to each other as fellow members. Rather than thinking that their seven years together was enough, they wanted more time to perform under the name of SEVENTEEN.

We recently reached many milestones in our career, so that makes me happy and grateful, but I’d love to continue dreaming for SEVENTEEN’s future rather than settling down where we are.

— Hoshi

Leader S.Coups added that they learned to treasure each other more throughout their contract discussion period.

The biggest takeaway was that we can’t take each other for granted. Since we grew up together and spend so much time together, it’s so easy to think it’s always going to be this way. The reality is that no matter how much we like each other, being a team takes so much more than that.

— S.Coups

In the end, he assured fans that SEVENTEEN is not going anywhere anytime soon!

We are not able to reveal too much about the details, but I would not worry about SEVENTEEN not working together as a group anytime soon!

— S.Coups

Learn more about their contract renewal process below.

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Source: Billboard